Crow's Teeth
Hi, My name is Valerie. I'm small, but not weak, and have an unmatched love for animals. I like trying to draw and looking at cool things outside and white tic tacs and my girlfriend. I also enjoy learning and meeting new people.
I believe I was put on this big ol' earth for the sole purpose of helping animals and trying to help other people understand them.
When I grow up I want to be a unicorn.

I post a lot of useless rubbish but hopefully it makes you smile.


På den här bilden tycker jag Ronja ser lite rysk ut, jag tänker liksom:привет, я хочу поохотиться на оленей


A Mother Watching Over Her Young! (by JRIDLEY1)


Copy of whales 436 (by joyofdogss)


Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya

Picture: Mark Bridger/Solent News (via Pictures of the day: 22 April 2014 - Telegraph)

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