Crow's Teeth
Hi, My name is Valerie. I'm small, but not weak, and have an unmatched love for animals. I like trying to draw and looking at cool things outside and white tic tacs and women. I also enjoy learning and meeting new people.
I believe I was put on this big ol' earth for the sole purpose of helping animals and trying to help other people understand them.
When I grow up I want to be a unicorn.

I post a lot of useless rubbish but hopefully it makes you smile.

Adventures with my pocket sized warmblood this afternoon~

It was around 92, so I wasn’t expecting him to be so willing and lovely! Did some flat work, and then took him over the the tree farm for a gallop. He went for a while and didn’t complain at a perfect speed. 

There was a grad party at a house adjacent to the tree farm and he stood like one stoic motherfucker while being surrounded by 19 small children all petting him. 

THEN Did some jumping, schooled him over a 3’ two stride line and he did it beautifully several times. Hosed him off and then played with him in the front yard for a while.

Gah, love my pony. So lucky to have him. 

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